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Are you looking for 2020 IJMB Assistance /Expo |2020/2021 IJMB Questions and Answers /Runs, Ijmb runs, Free ijmb questions and answers on Mathematics, English, Chemistry ,Physics, Biology, Accounting,Literature and Anymore?! You are welcome to the Right Place.
Because here you get Real 2020/2021 IJMB Questions and Answers which will make got high mark and get admitted to (200level) in your desirable institution.

Do you know that 70% of people who write Jamb yearly dont get admission??.

Among the 70% of people who remain at home yearly, 50% of them dont get up to Jamb required mark and the remaining 20% fail to reach their school of choice desire score.

The reasons why this statistics will never decline is because our educational system is run in the hands of people who dont want us to succeed, All they want is our money yearly.

That is why mobileschool.com.ng is established to help few student who are ready to help themselves in every sphere of their academic pursuit.

IJMB (Interim Joint Matriculation Board) is one of those remedial Examination board that was establish to help those student who couldn’t get admission have a leverage towards getting admission for the next academic year. Good thing about this program is that; you will get admission to your school of choice without having to write Jamb again, You will be admitted into 200 level which make you to be in the same level with your colleagues. Their center have come across so many state and some university has adopted the IJMB program.

Are you one of such candidates who registered and under going this program? Do you want to get question that will be given to your on the day of your exam? So that you can have distinction, Then you’re at the right place. Mobileschool.com.ng is a site created for people like you who need assistance in whatever form and our work has spoken for us…

IJMB exam has been added to our portfolio of delivering legit runs/expo. You will get questions and answers 6hours before exam time. Why we are able to get this questions is because we have an approved center where we run this program and our past student will testify on how we help them have an A’s(5 point) in their registered subject and how we also help them get admissions in their school of choice.

You can reach us through Sms/WhatsApp on 08032421694


1. Runs Master/Webmaster/Center owners: 25,000

2. Those Who Want Answers Delivered to Them Through SMS: 9,000

3. Those who want question and Answers Delivered to them through whatsApp: 7,000

4. Those Who Want Password Link to The Answers Portal: 6,000


Send us an SMS or WhatsApp to 08032421694

1. Center Name/School Name

2. Method you are subscribing for (e.g SMS Answers)Then you will receive a reply from us requesting you to send the amount allowed for the package you want. Note: if you dont receive a reply from us please hold on till we reply you.

3. Then send the allowed amount using MTN card only

4. Your subjects.

A confirmation message will be sent you to.

Congratulations…!! You are one step ahead in gaining admission

Benefit of Subscribing with us

*You will be added to our VIP group where other 1st hand info will be delivered to you.

* You will be giving special attention when you ask any questions in regards to IJMB exams

* You will be given tutorials and areas of concentration during the course of the exam.

* We will make sure you get admission after you successfully pass the A-Level exam.

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