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Exams can be tough, hard and make you feel you know nothing, but you can actually become a Jon Snow if you prepare well for it.

If you are writing an examination of any kind, it is expected of you to prepare properly, and if you are writing an exam like the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination, UTME, you’ve got to study hard.

The UTME poses a serious challenge to many candidates so much that many candidates have a terrible memory of the exam. Some students sit for the exam more than three times before gaining admission into a tertiary educational institution.

However, if your preparation is good enough, you’ll find the UTME very easy. So, if you’re writing the upcoming UTME, here’s how to prepare for it.

1. Set a high UTME score target

The JAMB’s UTME cut off marks for universities and polytechnics are pegged at 140 and 120 respectively. However, some universities will not consider you for their POST-UTME if you did not score 200 and above in your matriculation exam.

As a result, it becomes imperative of you to set a high target for yourself, don’t settle for 200, aim higher, make 280 be your target and work towards it.

2. Have a study plan

Don’t just create a target by saying you want to score 280 and above in your exam, you’ve got to study well to achieve it.

Having a study plan or an organized timetable will help you achieve your UTME goals. Since you are expected to register only four subjects for the exam, it is important you set aside enough time for your study schedule.

3. Study past questions

Getting some past questions can help you understand UTME questions patterns. It will also give you a clue about the questions arrangement. For instance, if in the last five years, comprehension passages come before Lexis and Structure in the use of English test, you’ll have a clue about how much time to spend on each part of the questions.

Good luck

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Posted by on February 21, 2020.

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