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Before we begin, I want to emphasis that Jamb use of English is the compulsory subject you must take In JAMB exam no matter the course you applied. I will urge you to take this article seriously.

The article is divide into three parts:

1. JAMB Use of English Questions Structure

2. Marks Allocation In JAMB use of English

3. Careful Steps To Follow In Answering JAMB Use of English Questions

We are going yo take them one after the other for easy understanding.

1) JAMB Use of English Questions Structure

The most effective way of answering the joint admission and Matriculation Board (jamb) Use of English and get a tangible score is to master the structure of the examination, before the exact time.

You should take note, that Jamb Use of English comprises of four main sections, namely;

1: Passage
2: Lexis
3: Structure
4: Oral Forms

The best way to tackle the questions in jamb Use of English is to note that the different part of this exams as listed above and it carries different marks, however, we should note that all the questions are important, but here are some important information.

👉Passage I to III

From Passage I – III, this passage test candidates’ knowledge of deduction from passages. In these passages, each question carries 3 marks, and this section have 15 questions.

This means that if you correctly answered all the questions, you already have 15 X 3 Marks = 45points.

Passage IV

Passage IV is test for candidates’ knowledge of English Registers. In this section, each question are worth 2 marks per correct questions.

This section carries ONLY 10 questions.

This means that if you correctly answered all the questions, you already have 10 X 2 marks = 20points in this section.

Lexis Section

The Lexis section of the JAMB Use of English is one section that test the candidates’ knowledge of reasoning in English language, communication as well as vocabulary, and this section comprises of the following;

Nearest in meaning,
Opposite in meaning.

Take note that each question in the Lexis section carries 2 marks per each question.

Structure Sections

The Structure section of JAMB Use of English, based ONLY on testing the candidates’ knowledge of the following:

English sentences formation,
Part of sentences,
Phrasal verbs,
and other aspects of English sentence formation.

In this section, take note that each question carries 1 mark per correct questions you answered. The ending part of JAMB Use of English is the oral forms.

2) Questions Allocation In JAMB use of English

Please Take Note that Questions for *JAMB Use of English* will be set on the following topics:

*Comprehension* : 5 questions
*Cloze passage*: 10 questions
*Sweet Sixteeen*: 10 questions
*Sentence Completion*: 5 questions
*Sentence Interpretation*: 5 questions
*Antonyms*: 5 questions
*Synonyms*: 5 questions
*Oral forms*: 15 questions

*NB: Questions from the novel ‘ _Sweet Sixteen_* ‘ *by Bolaji Abdullahi carry one of the highest mark.*

Take note that the best method of answering the jamb Use of English and have high score is for you to follow the following steps carefully while in examination hall.

3. Careful Steps To Follow In Answering JAMB Use of English Questions

The following are the careful yet simple way to go about answering JAMB use Of English questions.

1. Please ensure that you read the instructions before you commence and check the duration of the examination.
2. Please endeavour, to identify the main points in the passages;
3. You should also take note that you know the meaning of each queried word, phrase or sentences.
4. Also ensure that you identify the grammatical functions of words, phrases and clauses and figurative /idiomatic expression;
5. deduce or infer the writer’s opinion, mood, attitude to the subject matter.
6. While writing the examination, you should pay full attention to details.

That’s the much I can take on the topic “How To Answer JAMB Use Of English Questions In JAMB”

If you take your time and read the above vividly and understand the highlighted points then your Jamb use of English will be a huge success

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Posted by on February 20, 2020.

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