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A study guideline is often defined as an organized schedule that students [at various levels] create to aid their studies. It outlines two basic things- the timetable and learning goals. That said, you must start your 2019  academic calendar on a good note by setting up a realistic study plan and adhering strictly to it.

The tips are as follows;

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT, BE REALISTIC:Determine the number of hours you will have to study during the day and throughout the week. Be realistic and seek to balance your study routine with your social life and hobbies but also include time to rest.

 UNDERSTAND YOUR ROUTINE: Choose your best time of study. Once you decide what works best for you, stick with it.

ORGANIZE YOUR TIME: Create your study plan by keeping in mind the number of topics/subjects you need to cover before your exams. For example, if you have eight subjects and you have two months before the exam starts, study two subjects per day and assign a day in each the week for general exercises and rest.

MAKE YOUR STUDY PLAN INTERESTING: Feel free to shake up your weekly plan if you feel it is becoming too boring.

YOU SHOULD VARY YOUR STUDY: Do not work out your timetable in such a way that requires you to study the same subject for more than 3 hours at a stretch. When you spend a long time studying the same subject, your tendency to become bored increases even as concentration decreases. You can decide to take a walk or switch to another subject.

PRIORITIZE YOUR SUBJECTS: It isn’t mandatory to assign the same length of time for each topic, you need to prioritize by assessing the subjects you need to dedicate more time to than others. Give the subjects you find difficult extra time and make sure you atlease master a topic before proceeding.

REMEMBER TO BE CREATIVE WITH IT: Switch it up between more theoretical and more exact materials. Include different activities and methodologies so your levels of concentration don’t wane. For example, switch between reading an essay and creating a summary or taking a quiz.

Hope these tips help. Feel free to share your own tips with us using the comment box. Don’t forget to share with your friends using the social media Buttons  below.

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Posted by on October 18, 2018.

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